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The Story of How this Page Began

Don Nicholson, Cruisin' Hines, August 2011
Don Nicholson
Directing traffic at Cruisin' Hines
August 27, 2011
On August 27, 2011, thousands of classic cars and hot rods took to the asphalt of E.N. Hines Dr. in Western Wayne County, MI, for the innaugural Cruisin' Hines event. Primary promoter for this event was Don Nicholson of Don Nicholson Enterprises, LLC

However, as successful at this car cruise was, once Don got a look at the photos of himself working the event (see left), he decided that he didn't entirely like what he was seeing, and that a change needed to be made.

Christmas 2011 he was given a "Jazzercise: 12 days of Fitness" certificate, allowing him to try this program out for for 12 classes. Since that time, he has signed up for unlimited classes, attending them at the Wayne Recreation Center, 4635 Howe, Wayne, MI.

Keep checking back here to check on his progress, and see what a great program Jazzercise can be!

Before - October, 2011
Before - October 2011
After - June, 2013
After - June, 2013

Join Don in this challenge! See you at Jazzercise!

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